Meet us

Dodge & Elfi


Full name:  Dodge

Breed:  Shire Horse

DOB:  2005


We have had Dodge since he was a foal and bought him just one year after I moved to New Zealand. He was a true gentle giant who loved cuddles and scratches. 

Dodge sadly passed away in March 2019. He will always remain in our memory as our "Main-Man", the founding horse of Orepuki Horse Treks.



Full name:  CD Jackson

Breed:  Arabian Horse

DOB:  2012


Jackson is a lovely chilled boy who is safe and comfortable to ride. He enjoys getting brushed, cuddled and loves treats! 



Full name:  RR Amir Sadat

Breed:  Arabian Horse

DOB:  2006


Amir is cheeky and playful and a lot of fun to ride.  He is very reliable and safe but forward at the same time. 



Full name:  CD Raggae

Breed:  Arabian Horse

DOB:  2011


Ricky is a very sensitive and responsive horse. His gentle and friendly nature make him a pleasure to do anything with. 





Full name:  CD Silver Patriot

Breed:  Arabian Horse

DOB:  2010


Patriot is a sensitive and friendly horse who enjoys to work and loves a cuddle and treats!




Full name:  CD Lea

Breed:  Arabian Horse

DOB:  2014


This beautiful young mare is still learning the ropes. Lea is very sensible and fun to ride. She's got a very friendly and inquisitive nature.