Meet us

Dodge & Elfi


Full name:  Dodge

Breed:  Shire Horse

DOB:  2005


We’ve had Dodge since he was a foal, just one year after I moved to New Zealand. He loves cuddles and scratches, so don’t be surprised when you enter the paddock and this big boy is standing right beside you asking for some love.


Update: Dodge sadly passed away in March 2019. He will always remain in our memory as our "Main-Man", the founding horse of Orepuki Horse Treks.



Full name:  CD Jackson

Breed:  Arabian Horse

DOB:  2012


Jackson is a lovely chilled boy who's safe and comfortable to ride. He enjoys getting brushed, cuddled and loves treats! 



Full name:  RR Amir Sadat

Breed:  Arabian Horse

DOB:  2006


Our cheeky boy is very playful, so watch your clothes! Under the saddle you don’t need to worry about anything, because you’ve got a very reliable and forward horse, which is really fun.



Full name:  CD Raggae

Breed:  Arabian Horse

DOB:  2011


Ricky is a very sensitive and responsive horse. His gentle and friendly nature make him a pleasure to do anything with. 





Full name:  CD Silver Patriot

Breed:  Arabian Horse

DOB:  2010


Patriot is a sensitive, confident and friendly horse who enjoys to work and loves a cuddle and treats!




Full name:  CD Lea

Breed:  Arabian Horse

DOB:  2014


This beautiful young mare is still learning the ropes. Lea is very sensible and fun to ride. She's got a very friendly and inquisitive nature.