Meet us

Elfi & Amir


Elfi's journey took her from Germany to New Zealand in 2004. 

With a lifelong passion for horses and a background in endurance riding, she developed a deep affection for the Arabian Horse. 

Since 2005, Orepuki in Southland has been her cherished home—a place where she found serenity. 

Now living her dream alongside her husband and two children, following her heart and finding a treasured sense of home is Elfi’s story.

She loves to share her passion for horses and Southland's beauty with global equestrians.



Full name:  RR Amir Sadat

Breed:  Arabian Horse  DOB:  2006

Introducing Amir: A Playful Spirit with a Heart of Gold. Amir is a horse bursting with personality. Riding Amir is an adventure filled with joy and laughter. He's a perfect blend of reliability and safety, offering a secure experience while maintaining a spirited forwardness. With Amir, you'll find a trustworthy companion who turns riding into an exhilarating and memorable journey.



Full name:  CD Jackson

Breed:  Arabian Horse  DOB:  2012

Meet Jackson: Your Perfect Companion. Jackson is a gentle and relaxed horse, always ready for a comfortable ride. He loves being brushed, cherishes cuddles, and his heart skips a beat for treats. With Jackson, you'll find a friend who's as chilled as they come, ready to make every moment together memorable.



Full name:  CD Raggae

Breed:  Arabian Horse  DOB:  2011

Meet Ricky: The Energetic and Gentle Soul. Ricky is a horse with a remarkable blend of sensitivity, responsiveness, and enthusiasm for his tasks. He thrives on his work. Beyond his dedication, Ricky's gentle and friendly disposition makes every interaction a true delight. Whether you're riding, grooming, or spending time together, Ricky's presence will fill each moment with warmth and joy.




Full name:  CD Silver Patriot

Breed:  Arabian Horse  DOB:  2010

Introducing Patriot: Your Sensitive and Affectionate Partner. Patriot is a horse that embodies sensitivity and friendliness in every stride. He enjoys his work, giving his all to each task. His love for cuddles and treats shines through, creating a bond that goes beyond the saddle. With a relaxed rider, Patriot's true potential blossoms. For the right person, he becomes a willing companion who will go above and beyond to achieve any goal, creating an unbreakable partnership. 



Full name:  CD Lea

Breed:  Arabian Horse DOB:  2014

Meet Lea: Curious, Calm, and Comfortable. Lea's friendly and inquisitive personality shines through in every interaction. She's a gentle and quiet horse, offering a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. Lea's adventurous spirit makes every ride an exciting journey. With Lea, you'll find a friend who's both a relaxed partner and a willing adventurer.