Meet us

Dodge & Elfi


Full name:  Dodge

Breed:  Shire Horse

DOB:  2005


We’ve had Dodge since he was a foal, just one year after Elfi moved to New Zealand. He loves cuddles and scratches, so don’t be surprised when you enter the paddock and this big boy is standing right beside you asking for some love.

Update: Dodge sadly passed away in March 2019. He will always remain in our memory as our "Main-Man", the founding horse of Orepuki Horse Treks.



Full name:  Beau

Breed:  Clydesdale

DOB:  2006


Our gentle giant is always relaxed and easy-going. But once you have the chance to canter on him, you can feel his super powerful movements. So impressive!



Full name:  Dell Halima

Breed:  Arabian Horse

DOB:  1999


Flicka has successfully proven her fitness several times on endurance rides with Elfi. This sensitive mare would never let her rider down. Although she is a very forward horse, she really takes care when a kid is sitting on her back.

Update: Flicka has moved to our nieces this year to enjoy her well deserved retirement being a much loved kids pony.

CD Lea


Full name:  CD Lea

Breed:  Arabian Horse

DOB:  2014


This beautiful young mare is just in the process of getting started under the saddle. Very curious and friendly she’s discovering the world and always keen on accompanying the other horses on rides over the farm and along the beach.



Full name:  CD Jackson

Breed:  Arabian Horse

DOB:  2012



Little Jackson is on his way to become the perfect trekking horse for everyone. Despite the fact that he’s one of the youngest, he’s already a safe horse which gets more and more confident and is a pleasure to ride.



Full name:  RR Amir Sadat

Breed:  Arabian Horse

DOB:  2006


Our cheeky boy is very playful, so watch your clothes – they might not be safe with him. But under the saddle you don’t need to worry about anything, because you’ve got a very reliable forward horse, which is really fun.



Full name:  Sure to be Secure

Breed:  Quarter Horse

DOB:  2000


The name says it all: Champ is originally called “Sure to be Secure” and you couldn’t imagine a safer horse than him. Beginners as well as experienced riders enjoy riding our Quarter Horse and the kids even have fun vaulting on him.